Sunday Review, 6/11

1. Blogging

Not much to say here, besides the fact that I’m keeping up to dates, with posts all scheduled ready for next week.

2. Writing

My target was to finish the plan for the story, which I have -yay! I did this fairly quickly in the week, so also set myself the target of getting a few words down. I have. Not many, but it’s a start. It’s not like anything I’ve ever written before, so I’ve been debating almost every word, every image I’m using. Does it set the right atmosphere? Am I overdoing it? I think I need to just take a step back and remember that writing first drafts is actually about getting the story down, not about the nit-picky stuff.

3. Exercise

Well, I was supposed to be going for a jog/walk with Mum today, but then remembered I had a christening to be at… Hopefully as this posts I’ll be heading off into town for a walk – even if it is just to the shops. Exercise seems to be the thing I’m consistently failing at, and I’m not really sure what I can do to change that. Every week for the foreseeable future I’m at work late at least once, which always leaves me feeling apathetic at best. I really need to find something that motivates me.

4. Music

So, my guitar playing hasn’t really improved this week, mostly on account of only playing songs that involve what Ivy calls ‘Claw hand’. Basically, you always hold down the bottom two strings and just move your first two fingers, so chord transitions are really easy. I did write a song though. Another one. So go me!

Targets For Next Week

  • Reach 1000 words. At least.
  • Make a plan to solve the exercise issue.



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