Sunday Recap, 30/10

1. Blogging

So, I’ve decided on a new weekly feature, which means with everything I’m already posting, the week should look something like this:

Monday – Book Review

Wednesday – Character Study Feature

Friday – Something from my life/my writing

Sunday – a recap of my goals for the week

Obviously, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday become spare days on which to post anything extra I might have to say, but also give me a chance to schedule future posts and do some actual novel writing. Plus, you know, spend some time with the Boyfriend and do my actual job.

2. Writing

So, the big one is out of the way – finish the first draft of my novel. Hooray! I’m so glad to finally have committed the last few chapters to virtual paper. Of course, it’s going to take a lot of editing, as I am well aware the last two chapters were written in a haze of ill health and cough syrup, so they aren’t likely to be any good. But it’s done, which is all that really matters right now. It’s been printed and put in a box ready to hide in a cupboard for a few months so I can attack it fresh.

3. Exercise

Due to still feeling the need to cough my guts up every once in a while, I’ve done fairly badly on this, but I did walk my baby brother to the shops and back, and had a very swift walk around another town centre with the Boyfriend, so I’m not feeling as sedentary this week as last week.

4. Music

Well, we didn’t quite get around to arranging the song. The time Ivy was up to spend with us was unfortunately interrupted by Taylor having a driving lesson, but I have learned a new song on the guitar, and have some ideas about what we are going to play at a wedding we’re doing in the new year. So not all bad on that front.

Targets For Next Week

  • Finish plan for new story project
  • Maintain current level of exercise, if not improve

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