Sunday Recap, 23/10

So this week was my last week at work before my holidays, and they came just in time. After two late nights at work on Monday and Tuesday, I wasn’t in much of a fit state to do anything. And then my cold, which had just been a niggling annoyance for the past few days, became the worst sore throat I’ve ever had. The past two days I’ve basically been in bed. Which sucks. I wrote of my running target for this week, but elsewhere I have been keeping things ticking over.

1. Blogging

Still doing okay on this front. Haven’t done much by way of writing posts as my brain has been pretty much mush this past week, but I’ve sorted out all my tags, linked all my reviews to Goodreads, and rated on Goodreads all the books I’ve read during my break from actually reviewing books, so I have a nice list of books to review when I don’t manage to finish a book in a week. All in all, feeling very organised.

2. Writing

With Tuesday being one of my late work nights, I didn’t get my allocated hour. Combined with the aforementioned ‘brain mush’ issue, I was worried that I wouldn’t make my target. But this morning I was feeling a lot better and I’ve got chapter 18 done. That means next week’s target is to finish the thing! At long long last!! 😀

3. Exercise

Er, yeah, not so much this week. But there’s always next week.

4. Music

Despite having no voice for the past two days, Taylor and I have managed to have both a jamming session (in which I played the guitar) and a song writing session. We put music to an old set of lyrics that I wrote a while ago. The harmonies and stuff I’ll have to work out when my voice is back, but it’s a cheerful song (shock horreur!) and it’s sounding really good so far. Ivy will be impressed when she comes home from Uni to find we have two new band tracks!

Targets For Next Week

  •  Finish the novel
  • Do some exercise
  • Finish arranging the song

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