Alphabet Date Night

Though I wouldn’t describe myself as unhappy, not by a long stretch, I do sometimes feel like the oldest 22-year-old in the world. The demands of our jobs, and the nature of our shifts, mean the boyfriend and I rarely have time to do anything significant together. We veg out in front of the TV, eat chinese takeaway and generally spend time together, but we don’t really go out.

Now, this is mostly to do with our circumstances, and the fact that we’ve both been so tired lately due to work pressures, but I’d be lying if I said I’d made as much effort as I could.

In an attempt, not revitalise our relationship, because there’s nothing wrong with it, but to make sure we give each other as much effort and time as we deserve, we are going to do Alphabet Date Night.

The idea is, every week/fortnight/month, you go on a date that has something to do with the letter of the alphabet you are up to. Partners can alternate letters, or choose ones they want to do (as long as the distribution is roughly even) and the dates can be extravagant or ‘quiet night in’, but whoever is in charge has to organise it for the other.

A colleague at work actually suggested this to me, and I mentioned it to my mother, who thought it was a fabulous idea and asked if she and her husband can do it too. In an attempt to kick start the process, we are going to do A together, and perhaps some subsequent letters too.

My poor colleague, who for B imaginatively picked a Bed and Breakfast in a place beginning with B, was treated to ‘A meal’ by her partner for A. While this is very amusing, we are going for something a bit more adventurous.

Not far from where we live is a place that does high ropes, and so the Boyfriend, my mother, her husband and I are going next week for an ‘Aerial Adventure’. The Boyfriend, being a fireman, should fair well with this, and my stepdad used to run tall ships, so I can’t imagine ropes will be much of an issue for him. Mum insists she’ll be amazing, but I’m waiting for evidence on that one! I know I’ll be rubbish, but it should be fun.

Stay tuned to read all about it!

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