Making Smiles On Faces Award

Kelsey at Ketch Tavern has kindly awarded me with this Smiles award. Now, normally I get awards long after I’ve seen them doing the rounds and have consequently run out of people to send them to who haven’t already recieved one. But yay! I’ve not seen this one anywhere before, which means the chances are I can send it to a few people!

So, here are my list of people who make me smile, and why:

QWERTYmum – because I love watching all the cute videos she makes of my ickle sis and brother.

Carole Finds Her Wings – my best Uni friend and now best life friend, who I haven’t seen for ages, but can always keep up with her on her lovely blog (incidently, Miss Holland, we should probably do something soon, before Bump arrives. Running out of time!!)

Tea And Biscuits – because she’s new to blogging and one of Ivy’s oldest friends. Plus what she said about her boyfriend in her first post made me smile because I’ve known them both seperately forever (he used to be in my form at school XD) and it makes me feel (probably creepily) maternily happy to see them together.

Ivy In The Corner – Ivy’s blog does make me smile. Mostly because its often random, near-incomprehensible nature does mirror her personality absolutely perfectly.

A Calm Zoned Kid – another relative of mine, but give her some bloggy love because she’s only eight and running her very own meme, Fab Friday (which I really ought to enter, just haven’t been feeling that fabulous lately – next week Kiz!)

And of course, Ketch Tavern makes me smile, but she already has the award.


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