Diets Don’t Always Start On Monday…

QWERTY Mum and I are trying to get in shape. Neither of us are particularly out of shape, I should point out. I’m 5’7″ and 10s7lb. She’s slightly taller and slightly heavier. Both of us want to lose about 4lb.

This is not because of distaste for the shape of my body, as I think I’ve mentioned in a post before. It’s because I’m currently between dress size 10 and 12. Unfortunately, clothes don’t come in an 11. In a choice between ‘get fatter to fit size 12’ and ‘get thinner to fit size 10’, the choice was always going to be the latter. I already have a wardrobe full of size 10 clothes.

To this end, we both joined the gym. My general fitness and stamina have come on hugely, but my weightloss, not so much. Mostly on account of eating like a pig. I can’t even kid myself that Christmas excess was responsible – I just like to eat, any time of the year.

The boyfriend says I don’t need to eat less, I need to execise more. My hectic work schedule and various weekend commitments don’t spare me much time to exercise more, so it will have to be eating less. Something I am terrible at.

I came home from work on Monday, having read QWERTY Mum’s post on my lunch break, fueled to start the healthy eating regime. Then I found this on the kitchen counter:

The boyfriend remembered I had a presentation at work and to celebrate the success I had with it, he left me this little present. Mentos. Yummy.

So, that was the diet out of the window for Monday. Never mind. There’s always today. Or tomorrow…


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