Top 5 Famous Dinner Guests

Ivy just did this over on her blog. I’m actually impressed her list didn’t read: Ben Mansfield, Alex Pettyfer, Colin Morgan, that guy out of Stargate Atlantis whose name she says so fast I still don’t know it and giraffe neck boy whose name I’ve actually forgotten, reason why ‘because they’re prreeeettttyyy.’

So, if she’s forgiven me for laughing so hard at her, WITH I mean WITH her, the other day that I actually cried, hopefully she won’t mind that previous bit of light teasing.

Without further ado (or poking of my easily enrageable (that’s not even a word… nor should you have brackets inside brackets) sister) here is my list of top five famous dinner guests.

Top Five Famous Dinner Guests

1 – Adrien Brody

Take the mick all you like, but I’ve been totally in love with this guy since his overwhelmingly powerful performance in The Pianist. I’m loyal to my film loves – I watch everything they’re in, just because they’re in it, even if it totally sucks. Brody was fab in The Village, the best bit about King Kong and even managed to maintain my love with that weirdo accent in Predators. It would be interesting to meet him in real life. And if he was a boring dinner guest, we could always laugh at the size of his nose.

2 – Philip Pullman

Pullman wrote my all time favourite children’s book series and is one of the reasons I wanted to write so much. I’d talk his ear off all night about His Dark Materials. Once I’d got over the crippling ‘turns into an idiot when faced with her idols’ disease I got when I met Kate Griffin…

3 – Tim Haines

Nah, I didn’t know who this guy was until I just looked him up on Google either. He’s a producer and apparently a total dinosaur nerd, if his credits are anything to go by. He did Walking With Dinosaurs, Chased by Dinosaurs, Before the Dinosaurs, and most recently is the executive producer and co-creator of ITV’s Primeval. Which is like my favourite TV show. Ever. I would probably spend all evening pitching my ideas to him because, while I know very little about screen writing, I know loads about dinosaurs and would so love to write for the show. (Hey, if Ivy was allowed an ‘unrealistic life goal guest’ I should be too!)

4 – Hannah Spearritt

Because if you can be in S Club 7 and still be this undeniably cool, you have some kind of magical cool fairy. And I want to know where to find one. Even if she couldn’t tell me, perhaps basking in her presence would increase my notably absent cool factor. Just a little.

5 – Matthew Bellamy

My music god. Muse is my favourite band and I adore Matthew Bellamy’s voice. He could serenade me all night long! And he plays the piano too, which as far as I’m concerned is the ultimate sexy thing a man can do.

So, who would your dinner guests be?



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