Primeval Series 4 Trailer

Totally not book related but yay! Primeval Series 4 trailer is here!

I am unabashedly in love with this show. Yes it has pretty poor CGI, yes Becker is the worst security guard ever (I still love him) and yes, sometimes the plots are so thin they’re invisible, but it’s such good fun

And it has dinosaurs.

And Ben Miller is made of awesome.

I really want to rewatch series 3 now…

For your viewing pleasure: Primeval Series 4 Sneak Preview!

7 thoughts on “Primeval Series 4 Trailer

  1. Ivy Gilmore says:

    I think I am having an (phonetic spelling coming, as I do not know how to spell the word) an-yer-ism. o.o

    Between this and new Tamora Pierce books, I am going to have a heart attack!

    Lib, we love Becker *because* he is the worst security guard ever. Though, the combover? Yurgh. XD


  2. Jackie B Central Texas says:

    You are right not the best CGI but the characters in the movies and the actors who play them more than make up for it!

    Thanks for sharing and glad to find another Ben Stiller fan besides myself and my husband… What movie has he not made that is fun to watch, even when it is a stinker like this series!

    jackie >_<


  3. libertyfallsdown says:

    I know. I seriously hope the combover goes. I caught the end of the ‘Abby’s brother gets stuck in the future with the super ants’ episode on Watch earlier (lol because my life is made of awesome) and I much prefer fluffy ‘I just got eated by future predator’ hair Becker.

    Plus – why is that guy shooting him?

    Love the look of new tougher Connor though.

    P.S. Aneurism I think


    • Ivy Gilmore says:

      The combover better go. I was watching the G-Rex episode t’other day! Explaining to my housemate why it was a good episode… Becker shooting the dino with a shotgun *drools a little*

      Oh that guy was probably shooting him in some sort out power play. The newbies will try and take over because they are actually from some cult which worshipped Helen and are trying to take over the ARC in the absence of all the good guys.

      At least, that’s what I’d do.

      Tough Connor looks well cool. He still better be cute and geeky though! Otherwise they’ll have RUINED him.

      P.S. You know I won’t remember that XD


  4. CaroleHolland says:

    EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!! *followed by various other squeaky fangirl noises*

    I’m so so so so so so pleased they didn’t leave Connor and Abby stuck up a tree for all eternity. XD


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