Review: Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins

Title: Mockingjay

Author: Suzanne Collins

Series: Hunger Games #3

Genre: YA Future Dystopia

Publisher: Scholastic

Summary (from Goodreads)

Katniss Everdeen, girl on fire, has survived, even though her home has been destroyed. Gale has escaped. Katniss’s family is safe. Peeta has been captured by the Capitol. District 13 really does exist. There are rebels. There are new leaders. A revolution is unfolding.

It is by design that Katniss was rescued from the arena in the cruel and haunting Quarter Quell, and it is by design that she has long been part of the revolution without knowing it. District 13 has come out of the shadows and is plotting to overthrow the Capitol. Everyone, it seems, has had a hand in the carefully laid plans — except Katniss.

The success of the rebellion hinges on Katniss’s willingness to be a pawn, to accept responsibility for countless lives, and to change the course of the future of Panem. To do this, she must put aside her feelings of anger and distrust. She must become the rebels’ Mockingjay — no matter what the personal cost.

What’s Good About It

I’ve seen a lot of reviews criticising the violence and the rather passing mentions of deaths of several major characters. Many reviewers, it seems, weren’t happy that their favourites didn’t get their shining moment of glory.

I, personally, loved this approach. The ultra violence of the final battle against the Capitol, fizzing with so much gore and action it was hard to keep up with – it was so realistic. I could feel the disorientation of the characters, feel their desire to stop and grieve, knowing they couldn’t. It was brutal, but it was war. I’ve never been to war, but I imagine that is very much what it was like.

Wiping out characters with a single sentence avoided schmaltzy writing, glorifying the actions of either side in the war. I didn’t need to see any more than what I was given. I thought it was perfect.

It’s difficult to resolve a trilogy, particularly one with a love triangle, and leave everyone happy. There will always be those who were rooting for the other team, left disappointed like their character of choice. Now I was neither particularly Team Peeta or Gale, so who Katniss ended up with was not a real concern for me. All I wanted was for an ending that made sense, and I felt it did. Even the Epilogue (my least favourite word since Harry Potter 7) wasn’t overdoing it. And what a sinister and fantastic last line!

All in all, an excellent conclusion to an excellent trilogy.

What’s Not So Good

Nothing to declare – this was pretty much perfect.

Rating: 5/5


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