A Weakness For Blondes

So, I never noticed before, but apparently I have a total weakness for blondes.

I always thought of myself a girl who appreciates a bit of geek chic, a la David Tennant’s Doctor Who. Dark hair, dark eyes, glasses not necessary but preferable. The awkward boy who doesn’t quite know what to say, whose dress sense leans towards skinny jeans, who might secretly play guitar or write poetry.

But no. Apparently not. My self-styled ‘taste’ is totally belied by my writing. And I’ve only just noticed.

I’ve started writing a new story. This is nothing new, I often start new stuff. Usually at the expense of an older project, but the project I was working on previously was boring me. I was getting sick of teen girl with vampire/werewolf/demon/angel/some other mystical creature issues. Maybe I’ll come back to it in a few years when the fad has passed. (Always saw myself as a Paranormal YA writer too… this has been a fortnight of great realisation.)

Anyway, the new project is Sci-Fi, which is an exciting thought. Not really ventured down that road before, but I’m enjoying where it’s taking me. I’m also enjoying meeting my new cast. My favourite characters are always the love interests – I’m a romantic at heart, and can’t write a story without some true love being realised along the way.

It was while imagining the love interest for my main character, who is called Adam in case you are interested, that I noticed my penchant for the blonde gentleman. It was literally the first appearance feature I noted down in the great character generator in my head. Blonde hair, slightly ruffled.

Alone, not a stand out feature, but when you look at my previous lead males in previous projects…

Lewis – ‘sandy blonde hair’

Skye – ‘blonde hair highlighted despite the winter sun’

Kit – ‘scruffy blonde hair’

…we start to see a pattern emerging… >.<

Then there’s my taste in television at the moment. Have been recording the latest Smallville season to grace British screens lately, and watching when I have time. It’s terrible. Really. I mean, I quite enjoyed Smallville up to about series 6, but this one is just diabolical. (It doesn’t help that I missed about the first six episodes and have little clue what is actually happening.)

I only stick it out for this guy —>

(Hmmm, bow and arrows. Another fetish, another time!)

And then there’s Merlin. I don’t know if BBC America plays this one, or indeed what season it would be on, but it’s on season 3 here in the UK and still going strong. Which is great, because I love it. I loved the Robin Hood series they did a while back, but that went rubbish after the first series. Merlin seems to be holding out and staying strong. Anthony Head is always marvelous of course. And then there’s, ahem, Arthur…

Neither of these characters are particularly in line with my sensitive geek dream guy. They are arrogant, selfish, athletic and very often heroic. Shy boys don’t tend to be heroes. But, it’s not just the appearance that I like – I like the personality too. Totally smitten with my blonde sort of bad boys.

But, thinking about it, this is really nothing new. I’m sure my mother was as surprised as I was when I brought my other half home for the first time. He did not fit my preconceived idea of dream guy – he is not geeky in any way, prefers jogging bottoms to skinny jeans and wouldn’t be caught dead writing a poem. He’s abrasive, cocky, incredibly funny and about as sensitive as a dead fish. Five and a half years later we’re still going strong.

So maybe this was what I always found attractive, or maybe meeting him changed my idea of what dream guys look and act like. I certainly know that every love interest character I’ve written since has channeled some part of his personality. And of course, his blonde(ish) hair.

Well, it’s kind of light brown most of the time, but in the summer…


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