Summer Break Reading Challenge Activity #10

I loved this challenge! It was great fun 🙂

We had to generate a random name, a random word and a random picture and combine them to make a book cover. We then had to write a blurb for the book. Here’s my result:

Cease by Abbie J. Barry

Nathan Howard died five years ago.

For two minutes.

Doctors brought him back, but something was left behind. Now Nathan feels nothing but indifference. Believing he ought to have died, but too afraid to finish the job, Nathan is stuck. His whole life stopped when he flatlined, and nothing can shock it back into rhythm.

Until he meets Jay.

Beautiful, wild Jay, whose sad eyes send a spark of something through Nathan’s soul.

He believes she is his salvation, but Jay hides a dangerous secret.

Can they save each other or will the fragile hope they nuture togther simply cease?


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