Summer Break Reading Challenge Activity #6

This challenge involves discussing book heartthrobs. I’ve  only really come across two characters of late that caught my interest. I don’t often fancy people in books… usually because I’m too busy shipping them with the person I hope they get together with. And the ones I do fancy tend to be, well… you’ll see…

1. Nick Ryves from The Demon’s Lexicon series by Sarah Rees Brennan

Yeah, I dig the surly ones. Nick barely speaks a nice word to anyone in the whole book (or in fact the whole of the second book, a trend I’m sure will continue in the third book.) In fact he barely speaks at all. Mostly glares at people, occasionally growling. But he works the mysterious chic, and the fact that he cares a great deal about his brother does promise the hope that he could care a great deal about you. He can dance, and he’s handy at repairs, both around the house and with cars. And he has a sword. Swords rule. (See previous post) My attraction to a guy increases exponentially if he can wield a medieval weapon.

2. Matthew Swift from A Madness of Angels by Kate Griffin

Okay, not necessarily bad, but certainly mad. He goes through the whole book alternating between referring to himself as ‘I’ and ‘We’. But, split personality aside, he’s one of those wonderful characters that just sort of barrels through life, hoping things will work out for the best. Half the book he has no clue what’s going on, but for the most part he’s cheerfully totally hopeless. I kind of like the fact that he’s a bit rubbish most of the time. It makes it infinitely more sexy when he does do something awesome. Which he does a number of times. Plus the quirky nature of his magic (he’s an urban sorcerer) makes him all the more fascinating.

So there we go! Who are your fictional heartthrobs?


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