It’s Been a Good Week for Finales

Two of my favourite TV shows ended their latest series last week – Supernatural Series 5 (yes, just last week, we British are tragically behind you Americans…) and Doctor Who (the one TV show we are ahead on). Because of discrepancies between showings and friends who read this blog not being up to date with the shows, I won’t post any specific spoilers.

I just wanted to share my view that both series finales were absolutely epic.

I’m a big fan of my television programs so it’s always a bit of a downer when they end. It’ll be Christmas before I see another Doctor Who, and given that Supernatural has already been (undeservedly) relegated to Living in the UK, I don’t even know if it will be picked up here for season six. But, with two such pitch perfect finales I can’t really complain.

So, not to wish my life away, but role on 2011! I can’t wait to see what happens Supernatural Series 6 or 11th Doctor Series 2. And they’re bringing back Primeval too!

I leave you with  the highlight of the penultimate episode of Supernatural. Not too spoilery, but the most badass bit of slowmo. Ever.


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