You Won’t Catch Me Camping

So, I saw on Twitter that Twilight fans are camping out days ahead of the Eclipse premiere. To me, the question that immediately springs to mind is: why?????

This level of fanaticism isn’t limited only to Twihards. Back in my day (haha, I’m twenty two… you’d think I was forty) it was Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings, and my school friends would queue outside the midnight bookstore openings/cinema viewings in order to be as close to possible to being first to lay their hands/eyes on the latest installment.

Now I loved Lord of the Rings, and I loved Harry Potter. I would get very excited at the release of the latest book/film. I would want to see/read it desperately. But would I ever go camping outside to get there first? Would I Hell.

For a start I have a healthy respect for personal hygiene. I like to shower. I like to use a bathroom that belongs to me. I do not like to forsake these comforts.

Then there’s the act of camping itself. For more than just the aforementioned hygiene reason, I am not a fan of camping. To me, there is nothing more illogical than choosing to sleep outside with only a flimsy sheet for protection. If there’s a bed to sleep in, I will be sleeping in it. Preferably inside four brick walls.

And quite apart from anything, it’s terribly sad really. Exercise a little patience. It will be in every cinema/bookstore in the morning. Does it really matter if you get it fourthousandtwohundredandsixtyseventh, as opposed to twelfth? No not really. Okay, some idiot somewhere will post spoilers in some forum – so don’t go looking for them. Impose an internet ban.

Admittedly, I understand it a little more when it comes to the premieres. You might want a good look at the stars as they walk the red carpet. But, being the sort of person who is far more interested in the character than the actor that plays them, I can’t see myself ever feeling even the slightest urge. Not when I can watch them on the telly from the comfort of my sofa.

Maybe I’m just grumpy. Maybe I just didn’t get the camping gene. But even if I did, I would be using it in the British countryside somewhere, not holed up outside Waterstones. I mean, imagine that – cooking your breakfast-in-a-tin over a gas fire on the main highstreet. Forgive me for not finding that appealing. At all.


2 thoughts on “You Won’t Catch Me Camping

  1. Caius says:

    I’ve not actually camped for stuff being released, but I did go and see the last Star Trek film at 1am when it was released… and rather enjoyed it. There’s something magical about going to the cinema with a bunch of friends at 1am, seeing a decent film and then realising it’s nearly 4am and you’ve got to drive back to the other side of the country. 🙂

    Not sure I’d go camp out for _days_ for a film. I have been tempted on occasion to go spend the night outside an Apple Store waiting for something being released in the morning. Never quite made it there though, would’ve done the original iPhone release if it hadn’t fallen on my birthday. Decided drinking was more important than a phone (oddly?)


  2. CaroleHolland says:

    I queued for the last HP book. And somewhat ashamedly have kept the receipt which states that I got it at 12.02am. Release time was 12.01…

    That is the one and only time I have ever done it (it was the end of an era, I felt obliged…) and I would never camp – not because I don’t like it, I love camping, but because camping on a high street is silly and I’m not *that* desperate for any book/film.


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